Sunday, 7 June 2015

GTA Online: The Good, The Bad & The Hackers

GTA 5 is great and I think the developers made something quite special that will be very popular with PC gamers over the coming years.

MY main issues arise with the GTA Online mode as the games is becoming more and more unbearable by the day, I have been trying to complete the daily quests each day for the past few weeks and some days its great but mostly I always run in to problems... major problems...

It is great when you can speed run through the daily quest as it is not as much of a chore but when you are presented with a quest such as kill 50 people or participate in an activity that requires more than 2 people you run in to issues, I have spent the best part of 3 hours trying to Participate in an impromptu race but due to the fact that it is impossible to set up a race with out people leaving or the server not logging that you just completed a race means I am going to miss out on today's reward and fail my consecutive run that I have built up.

I tried over 15 sessions with numerous people who even tried setting up a race and the system just did not want to work. When you have issues like this it can get annoying and when you couple it with the news of an update coming up that is aimed at higher end players with more money that sense it makes you feel like Rockstar are not caring about the people trying to climb the ladder and only want to cater to the high end players rather than fix the online play to make the better for everyone.

The other major issues that everyone is facing at the current time is the hackers that are destroying the servers and destroying the online experience for everyone, two days ago I was playing online when some clever A-HOLE decided to spawn a UFO on me and then place a 5 star wanted level on me that meant I entered the perpetual cycle of dying every time I re-spawned as the 5 star wanted level would not go away, this lead to me having to unplug my connection just to exit the game safely. Rockstar need to address the hacking problem as soon as possible as I have seen plenty of people destroying the online experience and causing many issues for fellow players. I don't know if anyone else has had the problem but over the past couple of weeks I have noticed when I have been online some hackers are killing players that are in passive and it is causing major connection issues/impacting on game performance.

If online does not improve soon there is going to be many people who give up and move back to single player leaving major problems for Rockstar and the games future.

Comment below with your problems with GTA Online if you have had any...

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Monday, 6 April 2015

Space Engineers: Oxygen Issues and New Fleet...

Anyone who has been reading and following this blog will know that I have been playing space engineers for a long time now and built a few large scale ships.

The most recent updates have now meant that many of the old ships have had to decommissioned due to weapons updates and oxygen meaning the fleet is on need of a couple of new ships. At the present moment I have pre-designed 2 new replacement ships and they are going to be replacing the production and mining hauler that is quite smashed up and many of the conveyor systems are on the old system... The other ship is going to be a medium scale gun platform for the defence of the fleet and serve as orbital defence platform if we get planets in the future.

The other ship that will need a redesign is the fleet command ship that will house the main population/ offer a large proportion of the fleet services. New service ships will be needed very soon as the fleet is going to have a full overhaul by the end of the year.

The ships are going to have plenty of space and scope for future updates from now on as the most recent updates have hit the fleet hard and changed how ships are working and running so all future ships will need to be open to easy changes. I will be posting new space engineers content when it is ready to be shown off plus all the content will be posted on to the workshop for people to use and mess around with.

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Monday, 16 March 2015

Game Developers Delays... GTA 5

Game developers have a difficult job when it comes down to making everyone happy, As a gamer I hate it when a game is broken on release as it is huge disappointment when I know I have spent upwards of £50 to £80 on a game that should be complete and ready to play.

I have had many games over the past couple of years that that have been very disappointing and because of how these developers treat the gamer community when they release broken games I decided to not Pre-order any major games unless I could be sure at least a 98% complete game is going to be playable, In this current time we can't come to expect a 100% complete game which is a shame when you think about it.

There are many gamers that get very annoyed at developers for releasing broken games that have blatantly not tested or put any effort in to the final presentation of a game and just released it broken and buggy just to hit a release date. The same gamers also get annoyed when developers delay a game and put off a release date meaning everyone has to wait another couple of months or even years before we get chance to play the game. I don't have a problem with anyone who complains as it is a persons right as a human being to complain about such things and this is the only way developers will learnt to respect their customer.

The game developers that put off a games release faces a whole lot more pressure to deliver a more superior product and have at least several layers of polish on the game as they have amounted more time to test and work on the game and ultimately they face a larger back lash if they come to the market with a broken game as they can't use the age old excuse of running out of time.

GTA 5 for PC has been a prime example of delays as it has been delayed for a long time and multiple times. Rockstar face a major issue soon as if they were to delay again (which is very possible) they could tip the PC Gamers against them for many years to come. There is only so much that a consumer group can take before they will turn away from a company and most people have a 3 strike policy when it comes to these types of situations.

I hope that GTA 5 is going to the best it possible can be and on release it will have to be nearly faultless if Rockstar hope to impress the PC Market and make up for all the delays. Lets all hope that GTA 5 Is going to deliver a more superior product than the console versions as if it doesn't there are going to be many complaints and Rockstar will be left with egg on their face and ruined reputation for may years to come.

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Watch Dogs: Privacy Invasion IRL

The side missions in Watch Dogs are very interesting and give a good amount of back story and generally brings the world to life with quite disturbing and worrying issues that makes you think about real life and how much information we have in our digital footprint.

The privacy invasions and side missions of hacking into buildings for collectables do make you think about privacy and how we put ourselves out there on the Internet when using our digital devices and sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube. The invasions of the web cams in watch dogs raise great stories of the inhabitants of the homes and on one or two occasions you will find a few sad stories that raise questions about how people are treated badly and even accidental death.

Watch Dogs is a great platform for social commentary of life in a modern age were technology becomes a danger rather than a helpful addition to our lives. We are seeing more and more services moving to online and paper-free options and we are being monitored at all times by security services around the world every time we log online. Your digital footprint online is what you make it and it is up to you as an individual to decide what you share online and what you keep to yourself.

Question: Do you over share information on social media?

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Friday, 13 June 2014

Assassin's Creed Unity... Trailer Thoughts

E3 has showcased plenty of games that will keep plenty of gamers busy over the next year or so and plenty of trailers dropped but the most stand out trailer was for Assassins Creed Unity as it looks to have brought back the essence of the assassins creed to the series. Though it was only a trailer and it could be a let down when it releases... but from the interviews and the talk from people who saw the game play at the show seems to be very interested in the game....

They picked a great period of history for the game and it should allow for plenty of action and exploration. The history of the period has plenty of events that defined modern history and by letting you run through the streets of Paris based in the time period should open the player to plenty of story opportunities. The co-op playability of the game will be interesting and open up the assassins creed world to be more interactive and engaging for all players. The game is on my list of games to watch and track over the next few months and if it looks to be all it should be I will be looking at covering the game on the blog.

Question: What are your thoughts on the game and the trailer?

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Watch Dogs... The Ethical Dilemma Faced By The Player

Watch Dogs has been out for a few days now and it is one of those love hate games that bring up plenty of issues both good and bad. I am 6 hours in to the game and I am having plenty of fun. But I have started to see a pattern that that the story is very one sided.

The Ethical questions of Watch Dogs...
Although the main protagonist is going after the people responsible for the death of his niece  are the following actions reasonable in the situation.

  1. Car jacking a innocent driver to chase someone down...
  2. Hacking bank accounts of people passing by to use their money to buy guns...
  3. Tripping traffic lights to get away from fixers only to cause a large pile up of people going about their day. 
The game is full of questionable acts and ultimately your actions make it so you can never be a true hero in the game as you are forced to take part in crime with many of the side missions and steal money to get anywhere in the game. I think the game is great in parts but the underlying themes raise questions as you carry on playing. 

I am still currently still playing the game and will be writing some more Watch Dogs related articles very soon once I have played some more of the game.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

More Affordable PC Gaming...

PC Gaming can be expensive and after building a full blown gaming rig you may find that you don't have as much money for games as you would like... so here is a way to get some great games but at a more affordable price.

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